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Grace is a Korean-American costume designer based in New York City. She graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts with a Bachelor's in Drama, focused in costume design at the Production and Design studio. 

Her work is inspired from a love of story-telling and bringing forward stories that may not always get a chance to be told. She has a passion for Classical Asian theatre and what it means to reach back to the roots, whether it be in theatre, folklore, or mythology. Having started from a dream of being an actor (as we all do), she follows the ideology that an actor's confidence and comfort comes first because no one can give their best if they don't feel like they can.

Other interests include costume/clothing construction, baking and food in general, and almost anything pink. 


Why strawberry milk on your card?

When thinking about how to best represent her brand, the first image that came to mind was something food related. Why? Because, while growing up, Grace was told by her parents that all good things-- meals, snacks, moments, memories-- were meant to be shared. Something one person enjoys can be enjoyed by many, and that would make that moment that much more memorable. Her approach to theatre is the same: good stories, talent, and passion should be something that can be shared and accessed by all people. And so she hopes that, much like how she shared her favorite strawberry milk as a child, she can share her favorite stories in the same, familiar way.

Good things are meant to be shared



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